Julie Paama-Pengelly
City: N/A
Country: New Zealand
Julie has been at the forefront of developments in Tā moko since the mid 1980s, not only pioneering the moko revival with a small group but also as the first woman to be involved in these traditions. In 2004, Julie was commissioned – alongside these artists to perform her practice publicly at Te Papa National Museum during which time she tattooed full peha or puhoro (covering lower back, hips and thighs to knee) on two women, challenging the entitlement of women to wear this moko. Julie has stayed abreast of developments in the tattoo industry opening a successful studio in 2012 ( in Mount Maunganui, with a commitment to eco-friendly products and as a vegan she is committed to vegan inks. Julie has facilitated a number of World Indigenous Tattoo exchanges including the local Tauranga Tattoo Extravaganza ( Indigenous Wananga and Indigenous Space 2019 and 2020. Julie has begun reviving Māori handtap traditions, as the initial revival continued Māori use of industry standard processes, she also travels extensively and is well known in a range of inking communities.

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